Best Coffee In Neston

Are you looking for the Best Coffee In Neston?

Well look no further than Elephant Coffee! We are very lucky to have a lot of excellent coffee in such a small town, from our independent friends at Morning Noon Night, Real Food Kitchen and Paisley Grey.

We pride ourselves on not only our high levels of customer service, our incredible range of food options and our relaxed atmosphere but if there’s something we’re super passionate about, its our coffee.

After long afternoon’s spent talking beans with our suppliers, the excellent Adams + Russell, we sampled enough caffeine to keep a small country moving for a few months! After settling on our house blend, an 80% Arabica/ 20% Robusta blend, we keep the town in what we feel to be perfectly balanced coffee goodness. The best coffee in Neston!

Our staff are real geeks when it come’s to coffee as well! From discussing the origins of the beans with Katie to chatting to Lauren for hours about the various styles of latte art she can produce, they love it and i think it shows in the quality we produce time after time.

Whether it be as part of your daily cappuccino, or in that well-needed morning americano, we can’t get enough of our coffee and judging by the past six years, neither can you!