Are you constantly on google searching things such as “flat white coffee near me”?
Well, look no further!
At Elephant Coffee and Elephant Lounge we pride ourselves on our seriously good flat whites. They’re silky, smooth and they’re the only true flat white coffee in Neston.

Coffee Designed just for You


The origins of the flat white are hotly contested. Both New Zealand and Australia claim to have coined the term “”flat white”.
It is thought that flat white was the result of the birth of Italian cafes in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland run by new immigrants from Europe.
It is proposed that the flat white came about from customers dismissing the cappuccino, as the New Zealand milk being used was far to frothy,
giving the coffee an almost marshmallow texture. The locals were not a fan of the latte either, as it was far to milky! This created a problem for
European barista at the time as they had to come up with a solution to this problem. They did this by reducing the size of the cup 12oz to 8oz,

using the same amount of coffee and very little, smooth milk, thus creating… The Flat White!

In New Zealand they use the term “flat” to describe soft drink (or soda) that has lost its fizz and doesn’t have any bubbles. So “flat” seems like a natural term for Kiwis to use to describe a coffee with fewer bubbles than a cappuccino!


The flat white is one of our most popular coffee at Elephant Coffee and Elephant Lounge, we even think it might even be the best flat white you’ll find on the Wirral, we think you should come down and let us know what you think!