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The Elephant Collective

Our goal has always been to provide delicious, simple food and speciality drinks in beautiful spaces that cultivate our little community.

This goal was the beginning of the Elephant Collective – We feel that Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bars are undergoing a profound change recently. They’re becoming less of individual venues and more of a collective experience. Elephant Collective is built at the forefront of this revolution. We’ve always wanted to bring an atmosphere and experience that is usually reserved for exclusive city centres into our area. It’s been quite a journey since opening our first Coffee Shop in 2012 so why not take a minute out of your day and see how we did it. The Elephant Story began back in 2012 with our first ever shop; Elephant Coffee Neston. In 2014 we opened Elephant Lounge & Bar Parkgate and now in 2016 our third place, Elephant Bank Neston. Although that just looks like three events,

The Elephant Story is truly a huge journey.

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